Founded in 2013 by artists, HOTEL PARIS is a curated concept store maintaining high standards through intuition and commitment, we delight in inspiring passion season after season. In 2020 we launched our online store PEONY ROUGE.

We love brands and designers who tell a story and who are committed to making goods with respect for human beings and the environment. We like being selective, without being elitist. Well-being, beauty and goodness are the essence. This is what PEONY ROUGE Store guarantees; products that are made with care by passionate designers, very often in small quantities and sometimes by hand.

As fashion enthusiasts, we are delighted to offer a selection of womenswear with well-known brands such as Vanessa Bruno, Róhe, Pomandère, Humanoid, Bellerose, Mes Demoiselles, Masscob, Bobo Choses (women), Chloe Stora, C.T. Plage, Mabe apparel,  A Part of the Art, Ame Antwerp, by Malene Birger, Soeur, Zenggi, Mr Mood, Emile & Ida, Black Crane, Can Pep Rey, Greek Archaic Kori, Louise Misha, Pearl & Kaviar, Faune

We are delighted to work with the sustainable brands:

Skall Studio, Aiayu, Luciee, Poudre Organic, Absolut Cashmere, Colorful Standard, The new Society, Liilu, Matona, Gai+Lisva, FUB, Sissel Edelbo, Bufandy, Serendipity, Cordera, Embassy of Bricks and Logs

Organic beauty: Rowse

Home & Living: Polls Potten, Bloomingville, Textielmuseum Tilburg

Sustainable Home & living: Midnatt, Doing Goods, Ann Vincent, Van Verre, Masala 


Hotel Paris has 4 departments:-Hotel Paris -The Sustainable store of Hotel Paris -Hotel Paris 'Cheap and Chique' -Hotel Paris Vintage (former 'Isobel Gowdie')please follow us on instagram under: hotelparis_onlinestore