• Aiayu HIGHLAND SAGA Scarlet
  • Aiayu HIGHLAND SAGA Scarlet


  • €290,00

Classic unisex sweater with a timeless silhouette. Made from our special Sartuul wool, Saga is finished in a dense plain knit with a characteristic crewneck and broad, ribbed hems.

The fit of our unisex styles is based on standard men’s sizing. Size M corresponds to a women’s L and a men’s M.

Aiayu shared is our range of unisex styles, inspired by the intimacy of sharing. Each piece is thoughtfully made to create a genderless wardrobe. It is a small selection of classic wardrobe staples in aiayu's premium natural materials, with attention to sizing and functionality, making the collection ideal for anyone and everyone.

· Unisex
· Regular fit - mens true to size
· 50% Finollama, 50% highland sheep
· Origin Bolivia 
· Hand wash


50% Finollama, 50% highland sheep, origin Bolivia.

The story of our highland wool blend is also the story of friendship. Like trusted partners braving the rough mountain climate together, the llamas and highland sheep cozily graze alongside each other in the Bolivian highlands during the day, and the evolved composition of their wool perfectly complements each other. The addition of highland sheep wool adds a wonderful lightness to the product, as well as a gentle off-white hue due to the natural color of the sheep.


Gentle hand wash at 30 degrees with high-quality wool soap. Dry flat.

Washing can be hard on your garment and the environment. Wool is a self-cleaning fiber that requires less frequent washing. Simply air out your garment for a fresh feel.

If you choose to hand wash, allow the garment to soak in soapy water for 10-15 minutes. Rinse in water at 30 degrees. Avoid wringing during the process and let the garment dry flat.

If you opt for machine washing, select a gentle wool program at 30 degrees on a low spin cycle. Machine washing is at your own risk, as we cannot guarantee the individual settings on washing machines.